Employer Protect

Your need... 

Prevention is always better than the cure, so let Emsleys help protect your business from a costly employee dispute with Employer Protect – our insurance-backed legal advice service. Delivered by our qualified and experienced advisors and available through a 12-month fixed price contract, Employer Protect provides complete peace of mind, the confidence that you are receiving the right advice, along with flexibility and cost certainty. We also provide a dedicated point of contact for consistency and reduced ‘briefing’ time.  

Features & benefits... 

  • Business Audit: An initial audit of your current employment contracts, policies and procedures to identify any weaknesses that can be rectified before an issue arises. 
  • Advice line: Expert advice on employment legislation and employee issues, to help minimise the risk of a dispute and without the worry of hourly billing or unexpected costs. 
  • Contract of Employment: Giving you the peace of mind that your employment contracts are legally sound. 
  • Staff handbook: A go-to source of information about your business and its policies and procedures. 
  • Optional insurance: To cover legal representation, awards and settlements if your business is involved in an employment claim. 
  • Review meeting: Review of the service relationship and an opportunity to discuss your employment needs.
  • Regular information and updates: Timely, relevant information on employment law, current legislation and HR matters. 
  • HR document templates*: Access to a range of standard procedures, policies and letter templates. 
  • Emsleys Rewards* 
*Available with Employer Protect PLUS only

For further information on Employer Protect and how it can meet the needs of your business, please email employment.law@emsleys.com, or for a tailored quote, complete our quote form here.

'Employer Protect', an Emsleys brand, is a trading name of Emsleys Solicitors Limited.

What is Employer Protect?

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Employer Protect is an insurance backed fixed-fee support service which protects businesses by providing employment law compliance, expert advice on day-to-day issues and cover for any legal fees and Tribunal awards following a dispute.

What is included?

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Business Audit Business Audit
Telephone advice for up to 5 hours per year
Unlimited telephone advice
Standard Contract of Employment and Staff Handbook
Tailored Contract of
Employment and Staff Handbook
Annual review meetingChoice of quarterly review meetings
or three review meetings plus a
training session for you/your staff on Employment Law changes
Quarterly newsletter to keep you up-to-date with Employment Law Quarterly newsletter to keep you up-to-date with Employment Law
Insurance to cover the legal costs and any award in an Employment Tribunal Claim
Insurance to cover the legal costs and any award in an Employment Tribunal Claim
  Access to HR document templates
  Emsleys Rewards for you and your staff

How much does it cost?

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This is based on the number of employees in your business. For a 12 month contract with fees paid annually, or by easy-to-pay monthly installments, costs start from just £750. To receive a tailored quote complete our Employer Protect Quote form here.

Case studies

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  • An employee left Company A amicably but subsequently brought a claim for unpaid holiday pay and bonuses. After investigation, Emsleys determined that the company did not owe this and the insurance policy paid the company's legal fees of over £10,000 to defend the matter. The case was dismissed at the employment tribunal.
  • A charity had an insured employment dispute for discrimination. The charity had a good case and the ex-employee's solicitors put in an offer to settle at £2,500. The charity decided not to settle as they had followed the correct procedure and they did not want to set a precedent for other employees. Although the costs of fighting the claim were significantly higher than £2,500, Emsleys' insurance covered the charity for their defence costs at tribunal which ran to over £20,000. The client subsequently won the case which was dismissed at the tribunal.
  • Company B, a large business with its own HR team prefers to manage their HR issues in-house and involve Emsleys only when a dispute arises. The HR team disciplined an employee and at the point of dismissal engage Emsleys for advice on how to dismiss the employee. Emsleys advised the client on the best approach - legally and commercially. A claim subsequently arose for unfair dismissal. The client had the benefit of insurance protection and although they did not take Emsleys' advice from the outset, as Emsleys had determined that the client had taken the correct course of action throughout the matter, the policy responded and covered all the company's legal fees and early settlement to the employee.

What is included in Employer Protect?

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Clients should contact us in the following situations:

  • Before taking any action which could lead to a dismissal or selection for redundancy - e.g. disciplinary action except verbal warnings.
  • Before taking any action in respect of a worker’s resignation.
  • Before changing a worker’s Ts&Cs.
  • On receipt of a grievance/walk-out.
  • On notice of a discrimination complaint.

We can also help with more general HR matters which fall outside Employer Protect

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We can also provide advice on the following:

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Pay and benefits
  • Absence management
  • Appraisal and performance management
  • Training and development
  • Equality and diversity
  • Communications (e.g. newsletters)
  • Organisation reviews (e.g. reviewing structures, career progression, staffing levels)
  • Family friendly (e.g. maternity, paternity, flexible working, child care vouchers)
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