Employer Protect - Top tips for an organised personnel file

As part of our new insurance backed employment service Employer Protect we carry out a full audit of your HR policies and procedures. This helps us to get to know your business and brings you up to date with the latest employment legislation.

As part of this, we provide a checklist setting out the contents of an employee’s personnel file. This can include the following:

  1. CV and/or job application
  2. Interview Record
  3. Passport/birth certificate
  4. Offer Letter
  5. Contract
  6. Signed induction list, including health and safety induction/policy acknowledgement
  7. Health questionnaire
  8. Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form
  9. Personal details form, including bank details
  10. Emergency contact details
  11. Holiday allowance
  12. Training and development, including copies of professional qualifications
  13. Appraisal records

A properly organised personnel file for each employee is a step forward in helping you to achieve compliance within the law.

For more information about the above or to discuss Employer Protect and how it can meet the needs of your business, email employment.law@emsleys.com or call 0113 201 4900.

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