Emsleys’ Family Mediation seminar proves a huge success

On 8th October Emsleys hosted its inaugural seminar for Yorkshire-based family law solicitors and mediators.

Emsleys were pleased to welcome Elizabeth Stokoe – renowned Professor of Social Interaction – to present the Conversation Analytic Role-play Method (CARM) in Leeds.

The method which was developed as part of Professor Stokoe’s research at Loughborough University, is used to help teach mediators to effectively engage clients when approaching the subject of family mediation, with the overall aim of encouraging clients to make use of these services.

Based on the success of the research, Professor Stokoe was asked to assist in the Government’s campaign to promote family mediation, as a way of resolving disputes outside of the court.

The CARM model involves the use of real-life recorded conversations to analyse obstructions and problems which occur in conversations and teaches mediators the techniques and strategies that best resolve and overcome them.

The seminar proved a great opportunity for local practitioners to hear and learn from Professor Stokoe and was an all-round success. Emsleys received exceptional feedback from attendees who described the seminar as engaging, fascinating, highly informative and thought provoking.


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