Emsleys launches new initiative to help protect businesses from costly employee disputes

Emsleys Solicitors has launched Employer Protect, a cost-effective scheme that removes the burden of employment legislation from businesses and helps to effectively prevent and manage employee disputes.

With the distraction of increasingly complex and costly employment legislation directly affecting the profitability of many businesses across the UK, and a greater frequency of employment disputes, the insurances and HR advisors that businesses have engaged with for protection are failing them; as the use of unregulated and unqualified advisors in call centres, and cleverly constructed insurance get-out clauses, are often leaving clients confused and exposed.

Emsleys' Employer Protect is an insurance-backed fixed-fee support service that protects businesses through expert knowledge and advice on day-to-day issues and employment law compliance as well as providing cover for any legal fees and tribunal awards in the even of a dispute.

The service is carried out by regulated and qualified solicitors dedicated to each individual client. Employer Protect features three core components, designed to offer seamless financial and business continuity protection:

1.  Audit (an employment health check)

Current policies and practices are reviewed to give full visibility of a clients business and compliance with the latest employment law legislation.

2.  Expert Advice (ongoing support & dialogue)

Direct access to advice from a qualified employment law solicitor, who knows the client's business and understands its specific needs. Clear advice is provided that is in the best interests of the business, ensuring matters are properly handled from the outset.

3.  Insurance Policy (financial security)

Full authorisation to manage claims by insurers with legal costs covered for employment disputes including settlements and the cost of awards. Radically minimising exposure to unexpected financial loss and caps employment and HR costs for complete peace of mind. 

You can find out more about Employer Protect here or for further information on how it can meet the needs of your business, please email employment.law@emsleys.com or call 0113 201 4900.

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