I Predict a Riot: Anti Social Behaviour 18th Century Style

A bit of light relief for you ASB practitioners out there:

Sometimes we forget that Anti Social Behaviour wasn't invented in the mid 1990s - but has actually been around in some shape or form since the first caveman put his bearskin hoodie on.

Here's an everyday tale of 400 off duty sailors rioting on the Strand and smashing up a brothel. Presumably there was no formal complaints system in place (with recourse to an Ombudsman) which might have taken the heat out of the situation.

Thanks to Radio 4's Voices from the Old Bailey series for the tip off about this website - where transcripts of (very) Old Bailey trials are available.

No ASBOs for these miscreants - straight to the Gallows!

John Willson, Bosavern Pen Lez, Benjamin Launder, Breaking Peace > riot, 6th September 1749

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