Selling a Flat - Prices

We want to make your sale as straightforward as we can. We know the benefit of collecting the information from the landlord and/or management company as early as possible. We will ensure you are not kept in the dark by keeping you updated on progress. We will provide information in plain English to avoid technical jargon.

Selling a flat incurs cost: we use a simple fee structure and an estimate of fees payable to other parties so that you can see the total cost.

We handle the repayment of your mortgage and any Estate Agent’s bill from the proceeds of sale; deduct our fees then send the net proceeds of sale to your account so you know exactly where you stand.

Our fees cover all of the anticipated legal work including the cost of online ID checks; acting for a mortgage lender on the repayment of a mortgage, where applicable; arranging indemnity insurance premiums; and sending money by same day electronic bank transfers.

Our fees depend on the sale price. These are our fees for a standard sale of a flat: these will vary if you have already received a quote or are entitled to a discount. If you would like a quote tailored to your individual circumstances, please call our team on 0113 264 4414 or complete our contact form below.


Property price



Fee (incl. VAT)

£0 - £125,000




£125,001 - £250,000




£250,001 - £500,000




£500,001 - £925,000




£925,001 and over




PAYMENTS TO THIRD PARTIES (we deal with payment on your behalf)

Copies of Land Register (no VAT payable)

£6 for copy of Register and Title Plan.

£3 for a copy of the Lease.

N.B. if copies of other deeds are required, there may be additional costs (£3 each)

Cost of a ‘Management Pack’ (information from Landlord and/or Management Company)

This is individual to the building and charges are often amended from time to time. You can find out the cost by contacting the body you pay any charges to: we are happy to do this if you prefer. In order to obtain the pack, we will require you to pay the amount required to us.




Fee (incl. VAT)

Emsleys – legal fees

Land Registry documents

e.g. £6

e.g. £6

Cost of management pack
Repayment of mortgage
Estate Agency commission

We do not ask for any of our legal fees upfront but where landlords and/or management companies charge for providing a Sale Pack or other details which are needed for the buyer, we will ask you to pay us the amount charged before we request the information.

Sometimes the legal work will not be standard or anticipated. We have a range of fixed fees for a variety of services from dealing with the repayment of multiple mortgages to making a Will. If additional legal work is required, we will give you an updated quote. We treat clients fairly and only charge for the additional services needed for their purchase. 

If for any reason the sale of the flat does not go through, we will charge for the work already done. This will never exceed the above quote for legal fees and will be calculated according to the time spent on your matter at the hourly rate charged by the individual conveyancer working on your behalf which will be stated in your welcome letter. Hourly rates vary from £195 to £285 depending on the qualifications of the conveyancer.

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