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What is the cost?

For businesses we offer a tailored service where you can choose between:

(a) An “On Demand” option where you pay a competitive fixed fee for a fixed service; or

(b) A HR Advice Service with optional insurance where you pay by a fixed monthly instalment.

For private clients:

If you are offered a Settlement Agreement and you are comfortable with the settlement package, you have nothing to pay as your employer pays our costs. If you are not comfortable with the original offer we can re-negotiate on a ‘no increase, no fee’ basis.

If there are terms in your Settlement Agreement or new Employment Contract which you are not happy with, we can act for you on a fixed fee basis.

If you are bringing a claim in the Employment Tribunal, in the absence of legal expenses insurance or Trade Union funding we can review your case and see if you are eligible for our ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement. Otherwise fees are agreed up-front at our initial meeting, undertaken free of charge

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