Forced Marriage, Honour Based Violence, Izzat and Protection Orders

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Your family may believe that you are bringing shame or dishonour by not following their wishes and beliefs or following their code of behaviour. You may have been assaulted, threatened with assault, be suffering from financial abuse and control, imprisoned or threatened with being taken overseas and/or married against your will as a means of controlling your behaviour.

You may have several members of your family and community imposing their beliefs upon you. You may not know what your options are legally and feel isolated and helpless.

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Forcing someone to marry against their free will is a criminal offence punishable by 7 years imprisonment. We can help you seek the urgent legal protection of a Forced Marriage Protection Order if you are being threatened with or have suffered physical violence, are experiencing psychological, sexual or financial abuse and/or are otherwise being coerced into marriage. A Forced Marriage Protection Order can impose restrictions on members of your family e.g. to stop someone from taking you out of the UK.

Honour based violence sometimes leads to a family believing the only way of making you conform to their code of behaviour is for you to marry. You may be experiencing assaults or threats of assaults; you may have had your children removed from your care or your benefits or earnings taken from you; or you may have been made to feel as though you have no social standing within the family. You may have been prevented from attending medical appointments or other appointments on your own. You may be isolated from your friends and family.

We can refer you to third party organisations which offer practical support with housing and benefits as well as charitable organisations who support victims of forced marriage and honour based violence.

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We can offer you an informal, emergency confidential appointment either in person or over the telephone with one of our experienced caseworkers. We communicate clearly without legal jargon.

We understand that you may not want to obtain immediate protection, but may want to talk through your options to help you make life changing plans. Members of our team are accredited nationally by Resolution and The Law Society.

Please note: We do not have a Legal Aid contract. If you have experienced forced marriage or honour-based violence, you may be eligible for Legal Aid. Please visit for a list of solicitors offering Legal Aid.

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