Affidavits and statutory declarations

Your need concerning affidavits and statutory declarations…

You may need a notary public to witness an affidavit (a written and sworn statement of facts under oath) or a statutory declaration (a formal statement but not sworn) for a foreign jurisdiction.

You may need an affidavit during divorce proceedings, property disputes or cases of debt. Statutory declarations are often used when individuals change their name, by financial institutions when transferring money to individuals such as the executors of a will, to declare identity/nationality/marital status, to confirm the origin and nature of goods (for export or import) or to declare originality in a patent application.

How we can help with affidavits and statutory declarations…

Affidavits and statutory declarations must be signed before an individual with the power to witness an oath, such as a solicitor or notary public. If the affidavit or statutory declaration is for use abroad, it will not be recognised in a foreign jurisdiction unless it has been performed before a notary, except in a small number of specific circumstances.

Our notary will go through the document with you to ensure you understand any implications and that you are happy to sign it. He will then add his signature and seal to authenticate it.

If the affidavit or statutory declaration needs to be legalised by an embassy or Foreign & Commonwealth Office, we can organise this and arrange secure delivery to its destination.

Trust our experienced notary public…

Our notary public Will Armstrong is authorised by law to administer oaths, affidavits and statutory declarations. He is a member of The Notaries Society and is regulated by The Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

You can book an appointment to meet your needs, with availability outside of normal working hours where required.

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