How can a Notary Public help you when holidaying abroad with your children?

Now that travel restrictions are easing, you may be planning to travel abroad with your children. If you are travelling without your children’s other parent, you may need a consent form.

When travelling internationally, it is common for the airline, passport control at your destination, or both to require a consent form signed by the other parent. They may not be travelling with you because the other parent is working or has other plans, or because you have divorced/separated.

A consent form authorises you to take your children away with you without the other parent. Your travel company/tour operator may or may not advise you about this requirement before you leave, but it is usually worthwhile arranging one before you fly anyway – just in case you need it.

You are also likely to need a consent form ‘notarising’ to prove that the other parent’s signature is genuine. Our in-house notary public can prepare a certificate to verify the authenticity of the consent form, so you can rest assured your holiday abroad will go as planned.

For further information and advice, please contact our Notary Public by emailing or calling 0113 232 1030. Our Notary will explain the process, the costs and what is required in more detail.

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