Physical & Sexual Abuse

  • What is ATE insurance?

    What is ATE insurance?

    After the Event (ATE) insurance protects a claimant from paying their opponent’s legal fees and expenses when making a personal injury claim. When you choose Emsleys Solicitors to make a personal injury claim on your behalf, you… Read More

  • Claiming compensation after abuse by foster parents

    Judgement was recently handed down by the Supreme Court on the eagerly awaited case of Armes v Nottinghamshire County Council [2017] UKSC 60. The claimant in the case was physically and sexually abused by foster parents, having been placed… Read More

  • CICA failing abuse survivors

    On 1 October, the BBC reported that the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is to be investigated amid concerns it is failing survivors of child sexual abuse. According to the article, hundreds of vulnerable people… Read More

  • What is a limitation period?

    A limitation period is a time period during which a claim can be made.   The time limits are set out in an Act called the Limitation Act and this Act defines a variety of time periods which are applicable depending on the claim… Read More