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These allegations are made when it is believed businesses or professional individuals are providing false information in order to avoid tax or to inflate earnings to procure further monetary advantage.

False accounting is a type of financial fraud where a person or organisation deliberately provides false or misleading information in their accounting records or financial statements. This can include inflating revenues, hiding expenses, manipulating financial data, or creating fictitious transactions for further monetary gains.

Tax evasion is an illegal practice of not paying the full amount of taxes owed to the government. This can involve failing to report income, claiming false deductions, or hiding assets to avoid paying taxes.

Both false accounting and tax evasion can have serious legal consequences and the penalties can range from fines to imprisonment.

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If you or your business is under investigation by HMRC, it is essential to seek legal advice. At Emsleys, our legal experts can provide guidance on your legal rights and obligations, and help you navigate the complex process of a tax investigation.

We can assist in building a robust defence against charges of false accounting or tax evasion. This may involve conducting a thorough review of your accounting records and financial statements, identifying any errors or inconsistencies, and working to resolve any issues.

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