Consumer Rights Act 2015

From 1st October 2015 the new Consumer Rights Act 2015 aims to make consumer rights clearer. Covering everything from the sale of goods, services, digital content and more, the intent is to require businesses to deal with consumers in a fair and transparent way.

A brief overview (including sections of the Act to help you quote chapter and verse):

Emsleys Solicitors Consumer Rights Act 2015 Table

The above statutory rights are in addition to other existing common law and equitable remedies.

In addition to the headline-grabbing short term right to reject within 30 days; significant changes have been made to competition claims. Where businesses are engaged in cartels or breaching anti-competition rules (which could cover anything from sports retailers selling football kits at artificially high prices to banks improperly selling payment protection insurance) new rules are intended to make it easier to bring claims into the Competition Appeal Tribunal. Claims can now be brought on behalf of a group without having to identify all of the individuals in the group and their losses. Claimants in the group are automatically included until they opt-out businesses engaged in cartels and breaching competition rules. BEWARE

If they have not done so already, businesses should be reviewing their consumer contracts, notices, advertising and staff training to ensure they comply with the new consumer focused regime.

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