Creating certainty for your family and loved ones in an uncertain world

There is much uncertainty about at the moment. The Brexit vote seems to have caught the markets by surprise. The first casualty was our Prime Minister. There may yet be a new leader of the opposition if Labour MPs get their way. Will we have another General Election, or perhaps a second Brexit vote? Trouble is brewing on the Russian / European border. Will the stadium for the Rio Olympics be completed on time? Are we in for another recession?

There’s little that the average person can do to improve the weather, buoy up the economy, or change a government. But we can plan for those awful, tragic moments that sometimes shock families when we least expect. A death in the family, a severe fall, or an episode of mental capacity all have the potential to create havoc for ongoing family life. And often it is uncertainty which causes the most problems.

Making your Will and Lasting Powers of Attorney creates certainty for you and your family.

Who should deal with your estate if you die? If you succumb to dementia, or have a stroke, who is authorised to deal with your affairs? Who can intervene if your family disagree with a medical decision made about you, or if the conditions in your care home turn out to be dire?

By using a solicitor to draw up a Will you create certainty on death by appointing executors and trustees to deal with your estate and administer any ongoing arrangements (such as trusts); you can appoint guardians to look after your young children, if you have re-married, you can protect your share of an asset, such as your home, for your children whilst also looking after your new spouse, if you worry about care home fees, you can undertake some planning to help protect your estate.

The Government believes that all adults should consider making Lasting Powers of Attorney, and we agree. The problems created by a lack of authority in cases where people lose capacity can be costly and time consuming to fix. Making Lasting Powers of Attorney and appointing loved ones or friends to look after your financial, health and care needs may be the most important decision of your life, if they are ever required.

If you want to create certainty for those around you, speak to one of our solicitors today about how we can help you on 0113 201 4900.

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