Divorce Monday

The 6th January is dubbed by many divorce lawyers to be Divorce Monday and it is true that January is often the busiest month of the year for starting divorce proceedings. Twice as many divorces are filed in January than the second most popular month of September.

New Year is a time when many of us assess how life is going and it can make people think about their relationships. This against a background of the financial strain of Christmas and debt problems, increased time together over the Christmas period and a general feeling of doom and gloom about everything from the weather to returning to work can lead some to think January is the month to call their marriage quits.

Analysts of Twitter who looked at over 2 million tweets posted in January over the last three years report a general drop in mood as we return to work, the kids go back to school and the bills start coming in for what always proves to be a more expensive Christmas than planned.

One survey of a thousand people claims that financial pressure, excess alcohol, disagreements with the in-Laws and rows over household chores top the list of factors causing rows over the festive period.

At Emsleys, we have recently launched a new online advisory website for those divorcing and separating. You can download fact sheets and information from our site, follow our online guide to divorce and speak to one of our solicitors without charge. Why not take a look at www.understandingdivorce.co.uk.

To speak to one of our Family Solicitors call us on 0113 201 4900.

Gabbie  Clasper

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Gabbie Clasper

Head of Family Law

Gabbie has over 20 years’ experience in family law. She has expert knowledge in complex issues including financial aspects following divorce; pre and post-nuptial agreements; cases with an international element; and civil partnerships. Gabbie is regularly instructed by clients based across the country and abroad. She...

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