Divorcing in Denmark: How does it compare to the UK?

Until recently, ‘divorce’ in Denmark meant completing a straightforward online application form and paying a £56 fee. However, new legislation came into force in April, requiring divorcing couples to wait for a period of three months and take an online counselling course before they can separate.

Despite being reported as one of the happiest countries in the world, Denmark has one of the highest divorce rates in the west of Europe. The new divorce rules are intended to improve the process for any children in the relationship, as well as helping couples cope and communicate after separating.

Divorcing in the UK

Denmark’s divorcing laws are far better aligned with modern day life than those in the UK. Currently, the government is working to reform our outdated divorce laws (which were last amended in 1969). This includes an online divorce service, enabling couples to submit their initial application online.

Plans to allow couples to divorce without the need for the ‘blame game’ are also in motion. At present, couples must cite at least one of five facts in order to dissolve their marriage: adultery, behaviour, desertion, 2 years’ separation (if both partners consent to divorce) or 5 years’ separation. The limited grounds for divorce frequently lead to conflict, which can affect any children in the marriage.

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