DIY probate – a risky business for some...

It is tempting to try and do things yourself when the cost of employing a professional is off-putting. This is often the case with probate, with many people opting to do it themselves, sometimes referring to the abundance of free internet resources which unfortunately usually come from untrustworthy sources, misinterpret the law or blend law from different jurisdictions or even out-of-date books. 

For some, the process of obtaining probate can run without complications, but for many, it isn’t as straightforward as they had first anticipated. Those going it alone are often blind to the dangers. If you run into trouble and have to call in an expert to fix what you’ve done it can double the cost of the original job.

The truth is the law can be complicated. Many people don’t realise that the ‘personal representatives’ - the people empowered by either a will or the law to deal with a deceased’s estate - are personally liable for any legal costs associated with rectifying mistakes, so it is important to be fully informed or get the help of a solicitor.

Solicitors understand the law and are kept up-to-date on changes in the legal sector. They are highly trained and experienced in obtaining probate and distributing estates and are able to spot problems or risks and effectively deal with complications if they arise.

At Emsleys, we work closely with families to get the job done properly by sharing the work and resolving potential disputes before they erupt to ensure everyone gets what is rightfully theirs as quickly as possible. We are transparent about costs and agree them with you in advance. We are also fully insured in case things were to go wrong, giving you total peace of mind and ensuring your family is protected.

Helen Gott

Written by

Helen Gott

Director & Head of Wills & Probate

Helen is a solicitor, Director and Head of the Wills & Probate department at Emsleys Solicitors. Since qualifying in 2010, Helen has specialised exclusively in the area of Wills & Probate and is described as "very knowledgeable" in The Legal 500 2018-19. Helen is an expert in wills,...

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