Emsleys points way to divorce without a solicitor

We have recently launched a new advice website for those separating, divorcing or dissolving a civil partnership.

Providing free advice and a download to help you divorce without a solicitor, the site: www.understandingdivorce.co.uk is designed to remove some of the anxieties people feel about visiting a solicitor and the likely legal costs.

Gabbie Clasper, Emsleys’ Head of Family Law, comments:

“Getting divorced isn’t easy, but the legal process is often much easier than many people think.  Anxieties about lengthy legal procedures and huge legal bills are some of the biggest concerns when thinking about seeking advice from a solicitor.

“We wanted to cut through those anxieties and alleviate some of the stress, by providing free online guidance. Where a couple’s circumstances are straightforward, the site also has a download to help them divorce without further legal advice about the process. The download helps you through the legal process of divorce or civil partnership dissolution in plain English.”

A specialist in divorce and the dissolution of civil partnerships, financial ancillary relief, protection of wealth and financial cases relating to children, Gabbie Clasper is nationally accredited by the Law Society in family law and by the national organisation for family lawyers, Resolution, as an expert in financial matters arising from divorce.

Her expertise includes divorces with an international element, cases involving business assets and pre and post-nuptial agreements. All Emsleys’ family solicitors are members of Resolution, a national organisation of over 6,000 family professionals dedicated to resolving family law issues in non-confrontational and cost-effective way.

For more information visit www.understandingdivorce.co.uk or contact the Family Law team on 0113 201 4904.

Gabbie  Clasper

Written by

Gabbie Clasper

Head of Family Law

Gabbie has over 20 years’ experience in family law. She has expert knowledge in complex issues including financial aspects following divorce; pre and post-nuptial agreements; cases with an international element; and civil partnerships. Gabbie is regularly instructed by clients based across the country and abroad. She...

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