Five tips for travelling in wintry conditions

It’s the first day of February and the weather has definitely turned, with snow and ice affecting driving conditions across the UK.

Unfortunately road traffic accidents are more common at this time of year, so we’ve put together some top tips for travelling in the wintry weather:

  1. Check the weather forecast and plan ahead. If the weather conditions are bad, only travel when absolutely necessary.
  2. Clear your car windscreen, windows, bonnet and roof before setting off. Snow falling off your car could affect other road users and you could be penalised for ‘driving without due consideration’.
  3. Allow extra time for your journey. Rushing to work or other commitments in the snow and ice can be dangerous.
  4. Drive to the weather conditions. Remember it can take longer to stop when the roads are covered in snow and ice – avoid braking sharply and leave plenty of room for the vehicle in front.
  5. Be prepared. In the winter it’s a good idea to pack warm clothes, a flask of hot drink, a shovel, a torch and blankets, especially for long journeys.

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