Having your affairs professionally managed

Most of us hope that when we are elderly there will be someone around to care for us. Maybe it's a spouse or partner, a child or possibly a friendly neighbour. But what happens when there is no one who can fulfil that role? Who can you trust to help with day-to-day decisions about the management of your affairs?

For those who are left on their own, who have outlived friends or relatives, or whose peers are not able to help, deciding upon who to turn to can be extremely difficult.

Solicitors are regulated, qualified and insured to help you manage your affairs.

Yes, professional assistance can be expensive. But in return clients of Emsleys Solicitors can be reassured of the highest standards of professionalism and care. Appointing our expert Private Client team to help with the management of property and financial matters means that you can use your energy to concentrate on the important things in life whilst the paperwork is taken care of.

We frequently encounter widowed clients who are left without the "organised" half of the marriage or partnership. Some of them have never paid a bill, arranged a direct debit, dealt with the Council or HMRC. Some of them have never even cooked a meal. Life can be thrown in to chaos if there is no one to step in.

Having the comfort and reassurance of the professional management of your affairs can let you lead life to the full and ensure that if you lose your capacity that you will be looked after to the highest possible standards.

Why not talk to one of our solicitors today about us becoming your Attorney or acting as Deputy for a relative or friend lacking capacity?

For a free initial consultation, contact a member of our Wills & Probate team on 0113 201 4900 or email wills.probate@emsleys.co.uk

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