Jury Service - Back to Basics Series

Although employees do not have a right to take time off for jury service, they are protected from being dismissed or subjected to a detriment as a result of that jury service (which is almost but not really the same thing).

An exception is where an employer can show: (a) that the absence is likely to cause substantial damage to the business; (b) the employer brought the circumstances to the attention of the employee; (c) the employee refused or failed to apply to the court to be excused or to obtain a deferral; and (d) that refusal or failure was not reasonable. 

Employers do not have to pay employees during the absence unless there is an Employment Contract or company policy which provides otherwise. Employees are able to claim for loss of earnings, travel and food expenses from the court.

The rates for loss of earnings (which have not changed since June 2010!) are as follows:

Length of
Jury Service
Maximum loss up to
4 hours a day
Maximum loss for
4+ hours a day
1 - 10 days£32.47£64.95
11 - 200 days£64.95£129.91
201+ days£114.03£228.06

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