National Minimum Wage offenders named and shamed

The Government has released the latest list of 92 employers who failed to pay their workers the National Minimum Wage to the tune of £1,873,712.  

The list covers many different kinds of businesses but noticeable is the volume in the hospitality sector and the number of pre-school nurseries.  

For the full list see:

Particularly when employing young people, for example as waiters or nursery workers, it is important for employers to remember that the rates do change with age. The current rates are as follows:

AgeHourly Rate
21 and over£6.70
18 - 20£5.30
(if 1st year or under 19)

Employers also need to be alive to the new National Living Wage which is due to come into force from 01 April 2016, with workers over the age of 25 being entitled to £7.20 per hour.

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