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  • Caren Sharp – Court of Appeal

    Caren Sharp – Court of Appeal

    The costs provisions in relation to pre-action disclosure applications are hardly the most exciting topics of legal discussion. For the uninitiated, a pre-action disclosure application in personal injury work is launched when a prospective… Read More

  • The best way to communicate following separation

    The best way to communicate following separation

    Separating from your partner or divorcing your husband or wife can be stressful enough without a breakdown in communication between the parties thrown into the mix. Tension will already be there for both of you, on top of feeling angry… Read More

  • Employment References

    Employment References

    With limited exceptions*, generally an employee has no legal right to a reference. However, as it is usual practice to give and receive references, alarm bells may ring if a future employer cannot secure a reference from a former employer.… Read More

  • Disability Discrimination and Cancer

    Disability Discrimination and Cancer

    In a recent survey* from Macmillan Cancer Support, 18% of those surveyed suffering from cancer complained of facing discrimination from employers or colleagues on returning to work. This is disturbing when the overwhelming majority (85%) of… Read More

  • Why should you write a will?

    Why should you write a will?

    For many, writing a will is a task we avoid doing. As a solicitor that specialises in wills and probate, I have heard countless excuses for not making a will, from not having anything to leave, to claiming that family members will sort it… Read More