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Probate fees: When will the proposed increase become law?

Last November, the Government announced a hike in probate fees which would see a marked increase compared to the current fee of £155.00.  

These changes were due to come into force on 1st April 2019. However, in the run up to this date there has been uncertainty and frustration due to the lack of clarity on whether it was actually going to be made law.

The Ministry of Justice have now finally confirmed that the fees will not in fact be increased on April Fools' Day. Due to other Parliamentary pressures, which I am sure we are all aware of, the deadline for implementing the Bill has been missed. The Bill still could become law, if approved, by mid April. 

However, there is opposition from solicitors groups who have been lobbying against the fee increase as well as the shadow cabinet who also firmly oppose the proposals. Many opposing the Bill consider the increase to be a 'stealth tax'.

At the moment, due to the pressure of Brexit on the Government, the fees have taken a back seat and the future continues to be uncertain for all those concerned.

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