Family Law

  • Marrying overseas

    Marrying overseas

    We start the New Year with England controversially opening its borders to Romanian immigrants, amidst the release of net migration figures from when the Labour Government was last in office, amounting to a population twice the size of… Read More

  • Divorce Monday

    Divorce Monday

    The 6th January is dubbed by many divorce lawyers to be Divorce Monday and it is true that January is often the busiest month of the year for starting divorce proceedings. Twice as many divorces are filed in January than the second most… Read More

  • Changes to Child Maintenance

    Changes to Child Maintenance

    The child support system has changed a number of times since it was first introduced, with many more changes ahead. Most of us are familiar with the Child Support Agency or CSA. Recent changes to the formula used by the CSA to calculate… Read More

  • Young v Young – A Bitter Divorce

    Young v Young – A Bitter Divorce

    The case of business and property tycoon Scott Young and his wife Michelle - hailed as the capital’s most bitter divorce battle - is making its way through the Courts yet again. These long running legal proceedings now on-going for four… Read More

  • Safeguarding Your Wealth

    Safeguarding Your Wealth

    Of this age group, 3 out of 5 cohabitees have divorced. There are likely to be a number of reasons for this increase in trend in divorce and cohabitation amidst the over 65s, including improvement in health for those aged 65 and over and… Read More

  • Marriage Bill for same sex couples

    Marriage Bill for same sex couples

    Since 2005, same sex couples have been able to enter into civil partnerships in England and Wales. Although civil partnerships are not marriages, they do offer most of the legal benefits. There is general support for gay marriage in… Read More

  • Court fees increase from the 1st July 2013

    Court fees increase from the 1st July 2013

    The initial application fee for a divorce has increased to £410.00 from £340.00, but this is partly because two separate fees have been combined into one; there is now no separate fee of £45.00 when you apply for Decree Absolute. For those… Read More

  • Divorcing when business interests are involved

    Divorcing when business interests are involved

    For those who have a business interest, the Court will not accept the approach of The business is mine, it can be sold because it produces an income so let's just push it to one side and disregard it as a matrimonial asset. In most cases,… Read More