Family Law

  • Separation, divorce and the over 60s

    According to research published last month by the International Longevity Centre (UK), the number of men and women aged over 60 experiencing divorce in England and Wales has risen by a staggering 85% between 1990 and 2012. The… Read More

  • Representing yourself in the family Court

    Emsleys Head of Family Law, Gabbie Clasper, tells of the recent well-documented case of Bakir v Downe2014) which highlights the risks of representing yourself in the family Court without a solicitor or barrister. The case involved a… Read More

  • Parental Involvement and Shared Parenting

    From 22nd October 2014, the court must presume that the involvement of the parent (of whom a child does not primarily live) will further the child's welfare. The new piece of legislation (Section 11 of the Children and Families… Read More

  • Adopted adults to be able to trace family tree

    The Government plans to introduce new rules by November 2014 to enable those adopted as children, and the children, grandchildren and other relatives of those adopted, to trace their family history.  As the law currently stands, only… Read More

  • Our guide to a happy holiday during difficult family times

    The summer holidays are almost upon us. For many that will mean sun, sea, sand and smiley faces. Spare a thought, however, for families experiencing the uncertainty of separation. Here are some tips and guidance to those families for whom… Read More

  • Is Family Mediation compulsory?

    I saw a question on an online forum recently which asked whether or not divorce mediation was compulsory. In very general terms, mediation is not compulsory in family law matters and is certainly not compulsory in divorce. Anybody can… Read More