Family Law

  • Step-families and Wills

    Step-families and Wills

    Flexibility is often the key to a successful step-family. But how do you continue to look after all parties when you die? Having a properly drafted will allows you take account of potentially competing interests and look after all… Read More

  • Custody, Residence and Child Arrangement Orders

    Custody, Residence and Child Arrangement Orders

    What used to be called Custody and Access orders, which have since been termed Residence and Contact orders, will soon be replaced by Child Arrangements Orders. On 22nd April 2014, the Children and Families Act 2014 will replace the… Read More

  • The Rise of the Cohabiting Family

    The Rise of the Cohabiting Family

    Recent figures produced by the Office for National Statistics show that in the last ten years, the number of married couples living together with dependent children has decreased, whilst the number of non-married couples living together… Read More

  • Converting a Civil Partnership into a Same-Sex Marriage

    Converting a Civil Partnership into a Same-Sex Marriage

    The first same sex couples will be able to tie the knot on 29th March 2014 as the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act comes into force. This is one of many pieces of legislation introduced by the Coalition Government which has, in the view… Read More

  • Marrying overseas

    Marrying overseas

    We start the New Year with England controversially opening its borders to Romanian immigrants, amidst the release of net migration figures from when the Labour Government was last in office, amounting to a population twice the size of… Read More

  • Divorce Monday

    Divorce Monday

    The 6th January is dubbed by many divorce lawyers to be Divorce Monday and it is true that January is often the busiest month of the year for starting divorce proceedings. Twice as many divorces are filed in January than the second most… Read More

  • Changes to Child Maintenance

    Changes to Child Maintenance

    The child support system has changed a number of times since it was first introduced, with many more changes ahead. Most of us are familiar with the Child Support Agency or CSA. Recent changes to the formula used by the CSA to calculate… Read More

  • Young v Young – A Bitter Divorce

    Young v Young – A Bitter Divorce

    The case of business and property tycoon Scott Young and his wife Michelle - hailed as the capital’s most bitter divorce battle - is making its way through the Courts yet again. These long running legal proceedings now on-going for four… Read More