COVID-19: Advising on settlement agreements during the pandemic

In these uncertain times, settlement agreements are still being used by employers to end working relationships with employees and can provide a degree of certainty for parties. 

What is a settlement agreement?

A settlement agreement is a legally binding contract between you and your employer which sets out terms of your exit from the business in return for your agreement to waive all your employment rights.  The key point to note is that settlement agreements can prevent you (as an employee) from bringing claims against your employer.      

The agreement will usually contain details of the termination of your employment and payments to be made to you, together with other important conditions and obligations relating to your exit.

What should you do with a settlement agreement?

If you have been presented with a settlement agreement, it can appear to be an overwhelming document. 

You must obtain independent legal advice from a qualified lawyer who will explain all the terms to you and discuss any potential claims you may have before you can go ahead and sign the document. It is a legal requirement that the settlement agreement has been reviewed by a legal professional to ensure that you fully understand its provisions and application (for example, how the terms may affect you now and/or in the future).

How can Emsleys Solicitors help you?

During the current pandemic, Emsleys Solicitors is continuing to offer advice and guidance to employees who are facing a possible departure from their place of employment. We are able to arrange video calls and explain the settlement agreement in detail (and in plain English) before it is signed by you and sent to the employer on your behalf.

Your employer will usually make a contribution towards the legal costs of obtaining advice from a solicitor.   

We have made the Settlement Agreement process extremely efficient, quick and easy for our clients to take away any distress caused by what can sometimes be an overwhelming situation.

Our team is available to provide advice and discuss your options. Please contact us by calling 0113 232 1030 or emailing

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