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DIY wills: Should you write your own will?

From self-checkouts to flat pack furniture, modern life is making us increasingly self-sufficient. DIY wills are becoming more and more popular, however even with the assistance of Google, not everything can be do-it-yourself.

If your wishes are simple (for example, you’d like to leave everything to your husband or wife) and your financial situation isn’t complicated, a DIY will may be an attractive proposition. However, you should take the risks into consideration before attempting to write your own will:

  • Your wishes may not be communicated effectively. Wills written by a professional contain standard wording in order to convey your instructions following your death. Attempting to write a will yourself could cause confusion in the future, meaning your wishes may not be followed correctly, if at all.
  • There may be considerable financial implications. Although it might seem you are saving money by avoiding legal fees, if you make a mistake when writing your will, you could be leaving your family and friends with a much bigger bill to rectify any issues after you have died.
  • Your will may be invalid. If your DIY will is not signed, dated or witnessed correctly, it may not be valid. If this is the case, you will die intestate and your estate will be distributed according to intestacy laws, rather than your wishes.

We offer fixed fees for will writing and you’ll be given a clear indication of costs from the outset. To speak to a member of our expert team, please call 0113 201 4900 or email

Victoria Sladdin

Written by

Victoria Sladdin

Wills & Probate

Victoria qualified as a solicitor in 1992 and spent the first 14 years of her career as a Family Law solicitor. In 2006, she cross qualified in to Wills & Probate and has practised exclusively in this area since then.  Victoria has completed and is a graduate of the STEP Diploma in Trusts...

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