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Do I need a notary public?

If you need a document authenticating or legalising for use abroad, you will require a notary public.

A notary public is an internationally recognised qualified lawyer. Notaries often also practise as solicitors – our notary public William Armstrong is also a solicitor in our Personal Injury team.

You may need a notary public if you are:

  • Marrying abroad
  • Buying or selling a house or commercial property in another country
  • Involved in an international transaction
  • Exporting goods (as a business)
  • Dealing with the will or probate for a family member who has died abroad and/or has property in another country
  • Appointing someone who lives abroad with Power of Attorney to deal with your affairs
  • Registering a patent or trademark internationally

Our notary public can offer a range of services to meet your individual needs. For more information or for a confidential discussion, please call 0113 232 1030 or email

Will Armstrong

Written by

Will Armstrong

Notary Public and Personal Injury

Will is a solicitor with over 8 years’ experience. He works within our Personal Injury team, specialising in claims for accidents on the highway. Will has also recently qualified as a Notary Public and can validate documents for international transactions.

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