Review My Claim: the case for helping the victims of sub-standard lawyers

Emsleys has recently launched Review My Claim, a free service set up to review compensation payments and help clients receive the correct payouts. But what is the case for such an initiative?

According to ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), there are 2.5 million accidents every year.

According to the Government, there are around 750,000 certificates issued each year by the Compensation Recovery Unit to those who are required to make compensation payments to injured people.

This means that around 1.75m accidents have either not resulted in a claim or the claimant has failed in their pursuit of compensation.

No-one actually knows what percentage of cases are under-settled each year. If we assume 5% and we go back six years, that would mean approximately 225,000 Review My Claim cases for people who had not received what they should have received had their case been properly prosecuted.

By the same token, if 10% of those 750,000 cases involved claimants who were unhappy with the way their cases were progressing, then a further 75,000 cases per annum should be taken over and conducted in a more professional way.

I fervently believe that if only a few people each year are given better quality advice and can be certain their claims will be settled for a fair and proper sum, then the whole concept of Review My Claim will be worthwhile.

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Andrew Greenwood

Written by

Andrew Greenwood

Director & Head of Personal Injury

Andrew is a Director and Head of Personal Injury with over 30 years’ experience and has expert knowledge in serious brain, spinal and fatal injury cases. Andrew is a Deputy District Judge in the High Court and County Court, founding member and trustee of national charity SCARD (Support and Care After Road Death and...

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