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Xscape - The Big Zip - image of the building

On Saturday the 18th of May our team took part in The Big Zip at Xscape. An event organised by and in aid of Martin House Children's Hospice as part of their The Build project.

In partnership with Xscape, the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was presented to zip line out of the top of their building. After a hole was carefully cut in the top of the building, a 240-metre long zip line was constructed down to the car park below. With plenty of health and safety carried out the CEO of Hairbo was the first to try the zip line on Friday morning!

At just past midday on Sunday our Emsleys duo prepared themselves for their turn. In Emsleys t-shirts (plus a flamingo outfit for Poppy!), the pair entered the centre via the Martin House pop-up shop for harnesses and safety equipment. After signing on (and their lives away!) they were led to the passage ways behind the scenes of Xscape. Up stairwells and down corridors they eventually arrived at the top of the highest point and undertook final preparations. A precarious act of climbing out the side of the building legs-first was the last challenge before the ultimate event. With a quick countdown - both zipliners were off!!

Arriving at the bottom to a round of applause, Emsleys are ecstatic to have raised £732 for Martin House. Our initial target for fundraising was £150. We had to increase our goal twice and still raised over 200% of our final target!

Over the weekend hundreds more took part in the event, climbing and ascending behind the scenes of Xscape up to the rooftop. With moral and nerves equally high in the sky the whistle of fundraisers zipping down the line could be heard all weekend.

Browse below for a selection of images on the day. A massive well done to our team, Poppy and Claire, for taking part on the day. A big thank you to their family and friends for supporting them on the day, and finally a huge thank you to our friends, family, staff and clients who have kindly donated.

Check out a range of videos and pictures below which were kindly taken for the team on the day.

Please keep a look out for our next event - we have an exciting range of events up our sleeve!

Poppy's Zip!
Claire's Zip!

Poppy and Claire before The Big Zip
Poppy and Claire with signage at The Big Zip
Claire before the zip line
Claire during the zip line
Claire during the zip line
Poppy at the start of the zip line
Poppy on the zip line
Poppy on the zip line
Poppy and Claire after The Big Zip
Poppy and Claire after The Big Zip
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