Why you must write a will...

It seems not a day goes by without a newspaper article on the financial disasters caused by a failure to plan for your death. Today, the Daily Mail features an article about a son who has lost out because a couple have not undertaken some standard, inexpensive will making: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/pensions/article-2967505/When-William-died-left-300-000-son-never-saw-penny-write-will.html

Planning, through a solicitor, is so easy to do and leaves you and your family with peace of mind. The issues around second marriages, step-children and sharing assets between families can all be resolved through the use of simple trusts. The competing desire to provide for a spouse whilst benefitting children from a previous relationship can be dealt with.

A solicitor can help plan around step-children who you have always treated as your own but who are not recognised if you die without a will.

Solicitors can also act as an independent executor in the event of family breakdowns. Many people think they are saving time and money by trying to administer a death estate themselves, but where family members are hostile to one another, the executor or administrator can quickly find themselves out of their depth or, worse still, liable for problems.

Without emotional attachment to the matter, with legal training and full independence, a solicitor can ensure that matters are dealt with quickly, efficiently, openly and, crucially, can often keep the matter out of the Courts.

If you have a planning or estate administration query, why not talk, free of charge, to one of our expert solicitors today on 0113 201 4900 or wills.probate@emsleys.co.uk.

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