Family Law

  • What's in a name?

    What's in a name?

    When changing your name, there isn’t a strict legal process to do so; you can just simply start using your new name. A legal issue arises, however, if you wish to use your new name on documents such as a passport or driving licence.… Read More

  • Brexit and Family Law

    Brexit and Family Law

    As the pound continues to fall, markets are in turmoil, Easyjet shares fall by 18% and Barclays and RBS share trading is temporarily suspended Britain braces itself to withstand the wide ranging implications of Brexit which it is said for… Read More

  • Emsleys sponsors the Leeds Pride 2016 Parkrun

    Emsleys sponsors the Leeds Pride 2016 Parkrun

    Last weekend Family Law solicitor and mediator, Andrew Smith, went for a run with the Leeds Frontrunners in Roundhay Park. The Frontrunners in their own words are “an all-inclusive club, welcoming anyone who identifies as LGBT*,… Read More

  • Family Mediation and MIAMs – statistics revealed

    The charity National Family Mediation (NFM) has today announced findings obtained through a freedom of information request that in 2014/15, out of 112,000 private family law applications to the court, only 1 in 20 of the applications had… Read More

  • The suitability of ‘Indirect Contact’ Orders

    The suitability of ‘Indirect Contact’ Orders

    Indirect Contact Orders are formally known as Child Arrangement Orders in broad terms. We use the term Indirect Contact Order in this article for ease of reference. A recent case - Re K (Children) [2016] EWCA Civ 99 in the Court of… Read More

  • What is a ‘Finding of Fact’ in a children case?

    What is a ‘Finding of Fact’ in a children case?

    A recent news story has revealed that the father of a child has been judged to have committed sexual abuse on his young daughter shortly before her death; despite there having been no criminal proceedings brought against him and despite him… Read More

  • Divorce Day: Where to start

    Divorce Day: Where to start

    As many head back to work this week after the Christmas and New Year break the first Monday of the first working week has been labelled by the media as Divorce Day for some years the day when enquiries about divorce are said to be at their… Read More

  • Divorcees win Supreme Court battle

    Divorcees win Supreme Court battle

    Two ex-wives have successfully won the right to re-negotiate their divorce settlements. Ms Sharland and Mrs Gohil both found out, some years after divorce, that their husbands had lied about their wealth. Ms Sharland divorced in 2010.… Read More

  • What is family mediation?

    What is family mediation?

    According to recent statistics on legal aid this year, family mediation cases are on the increase, with 64% of all mediation outcomes resulting in a successful agreement. This is good news in an era where more and more people are going… Read More